Friday, 15 May 2015


Hey ladies,
 So it's my first eyebrow tutorial yayyy! I know every lady wants to get her brows done perfectly even without no makeup done on her face, but the problem now is what then happens to those who are not blessed with natural, beautiful and well shaped eyebrows (like mine *winks*) lol, don't worry in today's blog we are going to be talking about the useful tips and tricks on how to get ur eyebrow perfect!!
Here are some tools you will be needing:
 1) tweezers
 2) brow scissors
 3) spoolie
 4) eyebrow pencil
 5) angled brow brush
 6) concealer
 7)  brow powder
  8) highlight powder.

So now let's get started..
Before you begin, you need to trim those bushy areas of ur eyebrow, especially if u are the kind that doesn't trim ur brows at all. 
Always remember to hold ur spoolie (the tool used in no 3) close cos u will be needing it all the way and follow the directions on the image..
While doing this you need to be extremly careful so you don't ruin ur natural eyebrow, but no worries it's not likely to happen. And always remember that the purpose is not to create a different look but to define the natural eyebrow......
Follow these few steps and u will b glad u did... Thanks and don't forget to drop reasonable comments and question, stay connected for more Daily Eyebrow Routine......

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